Implementation and Challenges of the Independent Curriculum in 21st Century Learning


Laily Salma Hanum


Education, as the foundation of the younger generation, faces pressure to adapt to the developments of the 21st century. The Merdeka Curriculum emerges as a solution to accommodate the dynamics of these changes, emphasizing a contemporary learning approach. However, its implementation in the field encounters complex challenges, including policy issues, changes in the role of teachers, and the adaptation of educational infrastructure. This research explores the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum, identifies specific challenges, and contributes to the development of a responsive curriculum in the 21st century era. The literature review highlights the interconnectedness of the Merdeka Curriculum with 21st-century learning, emphasizing the autonomy of students and the utilization of technology as a common thread. Teachers transition to facilitators, and collaboration with the community becomes essential. The research method employs a qualitative descriptive approach with a literature review study, comprehensively discussing the application of literature review. The research findings reveal challenges in the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum, such as changes in the teacher's paradigm, policies, and infrastructure. The literature review outlines findings from ten literature sources discussing research results related to the Merdeka Curriculum, emphasizing successes, obstacles, and necessary improvements. The discussion involves aspects of the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum, the paradigm shift in 21st-century education, and specific challenges. Teacher adaptation, infrastructure support, and continuous evaluation are key factors in overcoming challenges and achieving adaptive, relevant, and responsive education in the modern era.


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Hanum, L. (2024). Implementation and Challenges of the Independent Curriculum in 21st Century Learning. PAKAR Pendidikan, 22(2), 151-162.

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