Mabrur Muhammad Yusup
Pino Yudhi Winara
Agus Suparno
Emantu Ferli
Khoirul Ikhwanudin
Suparno Suparno


The changing and reforming education system relies on the acquisition of competence by teachers. Light Vehicle Engineering Expertise Programme (TKR) is a study program developed and demanded as the development of science and technology and the needs of society. This study aimed to answer the needs of professional competence to be mastered based the vocational curriculum 2013. This study used a qualitative method. This study used Delphi technique. Data was analyzed by using triangulation sources and consensus search. Initial formulation of the professional competence of TKR teachers consists of 5 areas: field of engineering; machine; powertrain; chassis and suspension; and electrical. The results of the first identification composed of 31 core competencies, 52 sub-competencies and 174 essential indicators. The second was to search for consensus and clarification to the respondent against each competency that has been arranged on prior identification. The whole competence has reached a consensus with the approval percentage is more than 50%. After repairing, formulation of the professional competence of vocational teachers overall had 32 core competencies consisting of 56 sub-competencies and 193 essential indicators. The third identification was done to provide taxonomic level of education that must be mastered at any standards of competence and professional competence of teachers. The results of the third identification gave the mandate that vocational teachers need to master the cognitive domain of 9.375% for C2; 25% for C3; 50% for C4; and 15.625% for C5, and the knowledge domain of 9.375% for K1; 53.125% for K2; and 37.5% for K3.


How to Cite
Yusup, M., Winara, P., Suparno, A., Ferli, E., Ikhwanudin, K., & Suparno, S. (2014). KOMPETENSI PROFESIONAL GURU SMK PROGRAM KEAHLIAH TKR BERDASARKAN KURIKULUM SMK TAHUN 2013. PAKAR Pendidikan, 12(2), 96-110. Retrieved from http://pakar.pkm.unp.ac.id/index.php/pakar/article/view/139

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