Editor have the following responsibilities:

1. Choose which articles to proceed to the next process. then the editor is responsible for publishing the article.
Accepting manuscripts for publication after being reviewed in terms of research urgency, originality and clarity and suitability with the focus and scope of the journal.

2. Review submitted manuscripts in a fair, efficient and timely manner.

3. Assess manuscripts for intellectual subject matter regardless of the author's race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, or political philosophy.

4. Guarantee that submitted manuscripts are handled in a confidential manner and details are not published to anyone, with the exception of reviewers, without the permission of the author, until a decision has been made whether the manuscript will be published.

5. Do not disclose any information contained in submitted manuscripts except the relevant authors, reviewers, prospective reviewers, other editorial advisors, and publishers, as appropriate.

6. Not used in their own research, any contributions from the editors will not appear in the articles to be published.



Reviewers have the following responsibilities:

1. Reviewing manuscripts that authors submit on the condition that they have relevance to the focus and scope of the journal and that they can assess in a timely manner.

2. Recognize that peer review is a reciprocal effort and promise to conduct a fair and timely review.

3. Be objective and constructive in the review process, not be hostile and make offensive personal statements.

4. Have a review that is not influenced, either by the author's nationality, religion or political beliefs of the author, gender or other characteristics of the author, or by commercial considerations.

5. Treat any manuscripts received for review as confidential documents. They may not be shown or discussed with others except as permitted by the editor.

6. Do not misuse the information obtained in the peer review process for any purpose.

7. Review the manuscript submitted by the author through the references used. Manuscripts submitted and to be published must have clear and relevant references

8. State all conflicting opinions on the author's manuscript, seek recommendations and references from the journal if the author is in doubt about the relevance of the manuscript to the focus and scope of the journal.



Authors have the following responsibilities:

1. Presenting research papers that have been conducted ethically, scientifically and responsibly.

2. To present research results clearly, honestly, and misrepresentation, or improper manipulation of data.

3. Make corrections, if necessary, of unprocessed data in relation to manuscripts for editorial review.

4. To prevent plagiarism, authors are expected to use clear references and appropriate referral techniques. Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated.

5. To describe their methods clearly and explicitly so that their findings can be confirmed by others.

6. Takes collective responsibility for submitted and published works.

7. The authorship of research publications must appropriately disclose the individual's contribution to his work and reporting.

9. Report without delay the journal editor or publisher if an author notices inaccuracies or major errors in his self-published work. He must work with the editor to withdraw or correct the paper.